An Italian-American in Ghent (Belgium).


Maria Scarpulla is one of the 13 designers selected for ZOO’s inaugural temporary exhibition.

ZOO _Hub spaces are concept stores and galleries, serving as a global showcase capable of narrating untold stories. Periodically, the ZOO team will curate exhibitions and collectives that traverse the broad discourse surrounding contemporary design.

Piece #1

Lacquered steel, lacquered eco-friendly MDF/ZF wood

“It’s the earth of American deserts. It’s the sky in Italy”.

“It’s above all an idea of peace! It’s a piece to enjoy, to work on, to eat on, to look at”.

The goal is to give the owner freedom of dialogue, by changing the color of the top of the table. In search for a universal language of form and freedom, of color and simplicity.

The finished product is a result of an intensive process of research, minimalizing and fine-tuning to achieve the essence. All Piece tables are made by hand.

Vagabond Collection

Nickel, colored glass

The Vagabond tables are the result of two years of intense research and production on color, shape, and material, bearing witness to a profound understanding of how these elements can influence our moods. The tables embrace a series of apparent contradictions: humble yet bold; playful yet serious; cool yet warm. Each table is unique in its color, yet identical in its form. Their purpose, as both artistic and functional objects, is an invitation to engage in a dialogue with the object.

Who is Maria Scarpulla

Born in 1987, Maria Scarpulla is an Italian-American painter and designer. She is the youngest member of a family of artists. She was raised in the Umbrian countryside with her father Russell, an abstract painter born in New York. Although she now resides in Ghent, Belgium, the Italian landscapes of her youth and American horizons continue to figure in her art. Scarpulla made her design debut in 2011, transforming natural materials into poetic, minimalist furniture. In 2019, she created a breakthrough furniture collection entitled You Know The Way, Right. The same year, Maria’s partner Jori Hernalsteen (1987) joined her artistic practice providing fundamental support for her work ever since. Maria Scarpulla’s talent lies in creating works that make a strong statement using very little space. These are objects which blend seamlessly into a space while making a firm impact. 

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