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Stiamo facendo ricerca per offrirvi solo i pezzi migliori di ogni collezione. Rimani aggiornato su eventi, nuovi arrivi e news.


We focus on objects that are unique and cosmopolitan, those which promote a new aesthetic.
We choose designs that venture beyond mainstream trends.
We talk about objects in a new way through our hybrid store, both physical and digital, dedicated to a multisensory and multidisciplinary interpretation of contemporary design.

Research is at the heart of our project

We select exceptional pieces. Our brands are cherry-picked and our productions tailor-made. All this in addition to our strict shortlist of iconic pieces.

We have eyes all over the world.

We are hunters. We do not follow. We move autonomously, scoping out emergent creative scenes, heeding our intuition and prizing concept and context.

What we offer is not a static, monotone vision, but a multifaceted portfolio created by many hands. Our correspondents are special mandates located all over the world who have the assignment to seek out unconventional objects, creative niches, emerging designers and distinctive proposals that are ethical and respectful of the environment.

The physical space is experience

We affirm ZOO’s identity beyond the digital.

At ZOO _Hub, the designs we select come to life to become the protagonists of interactive experiences, collaborations and coproductions. 
The physical space provides an opportunity to structure multisensory contemporary design experiences on many levels: a gallery for experimental content, concept store, events, a book-and-music corner, DJ console, design service, aroma factory and cocktail bar.

Online, we’re limitless

We are an authoritative online channel. One that is capable of guiding clients towards new trends: research and intuition are shared to achieve the highest standards.

Online, our cosmopolitan design community uses images, testimonials and stories to connect with the most curious and enthusiastic aesthetes from all corners of the globe.
Our partners are insatiable perfectionists who are passionate about searching for objects that are more than just beautiful: we seek designs that are rich with meaning. Thus the act of purchase is elevated to a shared experience which forms a part of a journey of discovery, marking a symbol of belonging to a group which, through design, creativity and art, keeps homologation at bay, and broadens its horizons.

Our research continues “OON Air”

We believe that music adds value and is necessary for experiencing contemporary design. 

ZOO collaborates with professionals in the music sector to cultivate our approach to research in order to offer a premium selection of new soundworks and albums. Because there is nothing more contemporary than music, of all eras.