ZOO is a point of reference in the world of furniture and in Tuscany.

ZOO is:

Inside ZOO you will find yourself in an unprecedented context for Florence: here we look to the future of the city and the future of design.

The showroom is located inside Manifattura Tabacchi, an equally contemporary urban regeneration project.

ZOO is a showroom and concept store dedicated to the vast world of interior design; it also offers design consulting services aimed at designers and individuals.

ZOO is a place where the curious, professionals and enthusiasts can interact with the expertise of our staff and discover the extraordinary story behind each and every object. 

At ZOO you will find iconic design brands together with carefully selected one-of-a-kind pieces with the intention to offer you an hybrid experience, an exclusive journey into the world of interior design.



Our team chooses each and every object after careful research. In addition to carefully cherry picking the collections of iconic and established brands, our selection includes objects conceived by exclusive designers and artisans. ZOO’s research ranges in multiple directions to ensure variety and quality of assortment – both in the area of giftware and furniture.


We offer high qualified assistance in developing your designs. If necessary, we take on-site measurements and identify the technical and functional specifications necessary to meet your design and living needs. In addition, we can support the process by producing renderings to better visualize the various possibilities.


We use the latest software to ensure accurate and fast design. Our services include consultancy and technical assistance to individuals as well as businesses and professionals. Our aim is to develop synergic collaborations between all professionals within the interior design world in order  to find the best possible solution, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. 

We offer an open dialogue about design, planning, living, and – why not – a different look on an evolving city.