A multidisciplinary collective that explores materials, craftsmanship, and spaces through shapes, functions, and colors (Sweden and Italy).


NAVET is part of ZOO’s inaugural temporary exhibition.

ZOO _Hub spaces are concept stores and galleries, serving as a global showcase capable of narrating untold stories. Periodically, the ZOO team will curate exhibitions and collectives that traverse the broad discourse surrounding contemporary design.

H Table

Sycamore, beech, Legad finish with natural oil

H Table is named after its H shaped base, it was created as a part of the NAVET Sketches collection, where an imaginary bistro was set up within the designers’ studio gallery. 

The chosen materials contrast with each other, with the painted enamel surface enriched by various textures. The result is a durable object that also engages the sense of touch, making each piece unique.

Jelly mirror and Canna Candlestick


The Jelly Mirror designed by NAVET is manufactured in recycled glass at a women-owned foundry that operates on waste gas outside of Stockholm.

Exploring and challenging traditional craft, this is NAVET’s latest inclusion to their collection of open edition handmade artisan glass objects.

Their latest series of open edition glassware takes inspiration from the Swedish tradition of glassmaking in the countryside where they grew up, as well as the ancient tradition of Murano.

The objects, including vessels, bubbles, candleholders and now mirrors, are designed and crafted between Stockholm and Murano.


NAVET is a multidisciplinary design collective founded by Maria Johansson, Lina Huring, Cecilia Wahlberg and Helena Svensson. Their work spans from creative direction to spatial design and objects, and sometimes things in between. They explore material, manufacturing and spaces to create a body of work that celebrates form, functionality and color. NAVET has developed a collaborative work process where strict limitations are set early, then continuously questioned and challenged throughout the design process. Artisan serial production is continuously explored by the group, both as producers and as designers for collaborating with brands. Spaces and objects are long-lasting and always done in close collaboration with makers and users.

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