A research that gives life to contemporary products and spaces (Italy).


Giuseppe Arezzi is one of the 13 designers selected for ZOO’s inaugural temporary exhibition.

ZOO _Hub spaces are concept stores and galleries, serving as a global showcase capable of narrating untold stories. Periodically, the ZOO team will curate exhibitions and collectives that traverse the broad discourse surrounding contemporary design.


Solid beech wood, a blend of organic linen and cotton fabric, and leather straps.

“I decided to tell the story of the transition from traditional agriculture – which used manual tools such as hoes and rakes – to contemporary agriculture, which makes use of increasingly sophisticated agricultural machinery.

The Manico armchair, built with the handles of tools that are no longer used, is now the new chair of the farmer who’s cooling off, under an olive tree, looking out at the machines that work for him: an ode to simple, authentic Sicilian culture.” G. A.

The collaboration between It’s Great Design and the designer Giuseppe Arezzi (Binomio 2019, Tramoggia 2020, Carruba 2021) gives life to the new Manico armchair.

Manico was born from a research project linked to the vernacular tradition and became an ergonomic product stripped of superfluous details.

Characterized by its lightness and transparency, Manico is made with a minimum use of material and is handcrafted in Italy.

This armchair is a “self-produced” project, it is completely disassemblable and is made out of solid beechwood broomsticks, glossy canvas, and leather straps.

Who is Giuseppe Arezzi

Giuseppe Arezzi’s works in both conceptual and commercial environments, collaborating with international institutions, galleries, brands, and private clients. Giuseppe’s research — inextricable from his personal experiences and his origins — gives life to contemporary products and spaces, with a transformative, multifunctional vision.

His interest in vintage functional archetypes manifests itself both in contemporary reinterpretations and in the design of custom-made objects and spaces. Giuseppe’s design code varies according to his clients’ needs, combining a global outlook with a local aesthetic vision. 

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