Music is an integral part of ZOO.
The language of sound allows us to deepen our understanding of the essence of contemporaneity. 

ZOO speaks of music through a monthly selection of records curated by LogOut Records as well as with playlists created especially for ZOO and events with live DJ sets. The first DJ to collaborate on the project is TOMO. 

TOMO is a DJ and Producer based in Florence (IT). Co-creator of the collective, party series and techno label DE RIO (2019), he is passionate about vinyl, hardware gear and sampling. 

Since 2020 he has been running a weekly radio show totally live-mixed on the local FM broadcaster Controradio and has releases on foreign labels such as Mechanical (New York),The Acid Mind (Colombia) and Immersione Records (Bologna). Inspired by tribal rhythms, old school 90’s techno tracks, trance, psy & raw hypnotic fast loops, he always tries to offer an intense, energetic and unpredictable journey to his public, with a strong and fresh tracks’ selection. He shared the booth with artists such as Alan Backdrop, D-Leria, Dali, JEANS, Key Clef, LDS, Rene Wise, Vel and many others.

About TOMO Playlist for ZOO

Music has the power to transport the listener but at the same time to transform itself, evolving and discovering new territories and worlds that didn’t seem existent or knowable in the audio frontiers. This selection, constantly updated, features some of the best contemporary electronic-experimental tracks, mainly from the last decade: a nebulous grouping of difficult-to-classify sounds, providing us lovely, sometimes challenging and complex fractal windows to jump through, to escape, commune, blister and rattle, to try and express our edges and witness the unknown. Laid-back and tender ambient, woozy nostalgia, melodic synth lines from outer dimensions, broken and deconstructed rhythms, straight and dreamy dub techno soundscapes. 

From Autechre to Flying Lotus, from Rival Consoles to Lorenzo Senni, from Kelly Lee Owens to Andy Stott and thousands more that you probably didn’t know but that you will be happy to discover and get lost in their universe.

Listen now playlist >> ZOO is OON!

Do The Astral Plane – Flying Lotus

Fwd-Re-Late-Ref. – Karoshi