The art of creating unexplored and unique products (Italy)


L’Arte nel Pozzo is part of the first temporary exhibition of ZOO, along with 13 other designers.

ZOO _Hub spaces are concept stores and galleries, serving as a global showcase capable of narrating untold stories. Periodically, the ZOO team will curate exhibitions and collectives that traverse the broad discourse surrounding contemporary design.

Siamo tutti uno (We are one)

Roberta Mari e Silvia Zylberman Pio

Siamo tutti uno (We are one) is a collection of modular vases dedicated to the Indigenous peoples of the earth. The vases are entirely handmade in Italy and their shapes, finishes and colors are inspired by the aesthetics and body art of traditional native tribes.

Diverse elements can be freely combined like totems to create unique, personalized compositions. For every pot sold, a percentage will be donated to Survival International, the global organization that supports and protects tribal and Indigenous peoples’ rights. Indigenous peoples are the true guardians of the natural world.

Sara Corà e Matteo Zuppi

Sal | Salis is a project inspired by ancient civilizations and ancient times, when the first cities arose and salt was considered white gold. This collection is inspired by nature and the complex geometrical salt crystal formations. Sal | Salis is a line of modular handmade objects that combines four different silhouettes to adapt to various living spaces. Salis is a collection of stackable vases, to be used in groups or individually, which form captivating plays of light and shadow wherever they are placed. Sal is an oversized version of Salis: its three stacked elements form a sculpture, or, separately they can become a coffee table with pouf, storage units or complementary design objects. 

About L’Arte nel Pozzo

Founded in 1994, L’Arte nel Pozzo produces contemporary ceramic design objects and accessories using traditional techniques. Each piece is made by hand at the brand’s atelier in Staranzano (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) and features an innovative, modern style. The artisans at L’Arte nel Pozzo create one-of-a-kind collections and dynamic custom projects. Each piece is therefore unique, inimitable, and exclusive. Tradition is combined with experimentation through the use of new materials, techniques and concepts. L’Arte nel Pozzo’s collections are the result of continuous renovation and the ambition to create timeless products that explore uncharted design territory. This atelier’s essential silhouettes elegantly enhance any space, without being overbearing. 

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