A blend of research, craftsmanship, and curiosity, leading to candid and clean projects (The Netherlands)


Jesse Visser is one of the 13 designers selected for ZOO’s inaugural temporary exhibition.

ZOO _Hub spaces are concept stores and galleries, serving as a global showcase capable of narrating untold stories. Periodically, the ZOO team will curate exhibitions and collectives that traverse the broad discourse surrounding contemporary design.

Beacon of light

Glass, rope, and stone

Beacon of Light reflects the search for “wandering and holding on.” Like an anchor in the mist.

A boulder holds a sandblasted glass sphere balanced by a minimalist custom-made pulley.

Creating tranquility in form and content.

Each beacon of light is given its own unique boulder.

Harold cabinet


The Harold cabinet is a dynamic design made out of expanded metal.

Its metal grids and clean outline distinguish the Harold from other cabinets.

While walking around the Harold you will notice it’s the moiré pattern, created by these grids, that makes it so intriguing to observe.

The effect of the pattern varies by distance and point of view, and because of that you will never look at the same cabinet twice. 

Who is Jesse Visser

Jesse Visser Designprojects was founded by Jesse Visser in 2000. After finishing his studies at the Utrecht School of Product Design and the Piet Zwart Institute, Visser focused on creating furniture and lighting objects that go beyond the predictable. Up to this day, his approach is defined by research, craftsmanship and curiosity, leading to outspoken designs that are appreciated by clients such as galleries and architects, business and the industry alike.

“Jesse Visser Designprojects specializes in furniture and lighting objects that engage all the senses. Our desire to innovate production techniques and love for detailing, result in striking statement pieces that are as sober as they are poetic.”

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